MGB Editorial


MGB Editorial’s approach finds the balance between producing content that is informative and producing content that is engaging.

As a writer and assistant editor for The Editing Company, Michael wrote blogs on word usage and grammar, and edited a number of submissions to both the University of Toronto Press and the Canadian Journal of Education.

Michael is also an experienced business editor and writer, having written and edited requests for proposals, bios, and correspondence for various not-for-profits based in Toronto. A freelance writer for Metroland Media, Michael has written editorial blogs on a number of Hamilton-area businesses, including physiotherapy clinics, home improvement contractors, pet stores, and one surveillance firm.

Michael has also written more than 180 articles for the American pop-culture news and reviews website Monkeys Fighting Robots. Taking a broad focus, Michael’s articles include reviews of craft beers and TV shows, as well as columns on the Golden Age history of Marvel comic books and tech news stories written from the perspective of a malfunctioning Mark Twain robot.

Academic Editing

Dissertations | Proposals | Term Papers | Journal Articles | Lectures | Outlines | Reference Lists

Non-fiction Editing

RFPs | Blogs | Proposals | Bios | Correspondence | Memoranda


RFPs | Blogs | Reviews | Proposals | Bios

Book Editing

Substantive | Copy


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