Year of Sport


Hello all, I’ve decided to write about my newest athletic undertaking, watching sports. I’ve never been much for athletics, although I did manage to fall at each of the figure skating — yes, figure skating — exhibitions I “performed in” when I was younger. I’ve always enjoyed skiing, canoeing, and hiking, but team sports have never been something I went for. And, because I never really played them, and possibly other reasons, I’ve never been too interested in watching sports either … until now.

Recently I’ve been making an effort to watch as many — as a similarly athletically disinterested friend of mine calls them — “sports games.” These include the following: CPJHL hockey, NHL hockey, NFL football, CFL football, NLL lacrosse, curling championships, NBA basketball, MLS soccer, golf tournaments, and MLB baseball.

But, why? Good question.

Sports are a great thing to talk about with people. I’ve had to sit out of several conversations about X sport or Y player in the past. But now, armed with my surprisingly broad following of sports, I can at least say whether or not a game was exciting or not.

And, I figure that after a year of watching sports I’ll have determined which ones, if any, I want to watch. So far, I’ve noticed that I’m not that interested in NFL football. I think it’s the unending stream of commercial breaks, a problem that NHL hockey suffers from as well, that kills it for me.

I’ve been surprised at how much I’ve been enjoying NBA basketball. Some people say the games, due to their frequently similar final scores, are rigged, or that the games are monotonous to watch. But, like lacrosse, I like that there’s a shot clock that keeps the players on their toes, and sometimes leads to desperate and game-changing plays.

So, that’s that. The Leafs play the Capitals in Game 4 of Round 1 of the Eastern Conference Stanley Cup playoffs tonight (the series is 2–1 for the Leafs), and I’ll be watching. Who knows, this could be their year, eh?

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