NHL Playoffs & Blue Jays Opening Week


Last weekend I watched more sports than I could shake a stick at, hockey or otherwise. I watched with desperation as the Leafs lost their first 2017 playoff game against the Capitals in overtime and then won their second and third (also in overtime). I watched the Blue Jays lose a game, win a game, and then lose a game in their opening week series against the Orioles. I watched the TFC lose to Columbus Crew, and I watched Team McEwen lose to Team Edin. I watched the Raptors clinch their 2017 NBA playoff spot and then lose to the Milwaukee Bucks in their first playoff game by 14 points. But, sadly (or happily in this case), I missed watching The Rock lose to the Buffalo Bandits.

But it’s not over yet! The Jays, with what seems like half the team on the disabled list, have a brutal 16 games in a row starting today, and NBA and NHL playoff mania is well underway. I regret that I’ve missed a lot of Toronto Rock games, but I hope to catch a few more before the season ends.

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