Re-reading Tolkien One Book at A Time

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When I was a lad, I loved reading The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings series. It was probably Tolkien’s epic series that solidified my interest in fantasy novels and other tales of heroic quests and adventure.

I know some people criticize the books because they tell the tale of a long voyage, much of it by land. Haters say these books are all “just a bunch of walking,” but Tolkien, like most great fantasy writers knew that his bread and butter was in setting up a fantastic world for his well-developed characters to interact with. So, although some might dismiss his writing as overly descriptive, as the first in a fantasy novel series The Fellowship of the Ring is necessarily full of exposition. Character development, instead of crowding out the beginning of the series, proceeds at a relatively slow pace, making the motivations and relationships that develop do so organically.

I look forward to re-reading The Two Towers and remembering how I felt when I read it the first time in my bunk bed well after I should have gone to sleep.